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When it comes to fantastic feline feats, it is hard to beat the story of Tommy – an orange and tan tom cat who saved his owner back in 2006.

Tommy lived in Columbus, Ohio with wheelchair-bound Gary Rosheisen. Gary had unfortunately suffered from a series of mini-strokes; he also had osteoporosis meaning that his bones were very weak.

Tommy had entered Rosheisen’s life three years previously, as he thought having a cat would help lower his blood pressure. He also hoped that having a pet at home would make a great companion.

In fact because of his frequent seizures, Rosheisen had even attempted to train his new friend to press a 911 speed dial button in case of emergencies.

“The phone in the living room is always on the floor, and there are 12 small buttons — including a speed dial for 911 right above the button for the speaker phone.” Rosheisen told USA Today


Although he had made such efforts to teach Tommy, he had no idea if the training had stuck, and no opportunity to test him for real.

Until one day he had a seizure in his bedroom and fell from his wheelchair onto the floor.

Rosheisen said he couldn’t get up because of the pain from his osteoporosis. His balance was also impaired due to the strokes.

Furthermore, he wasn’t wearing his medical-alert necklace and couldn’t reach a cord above his pillow that alerts paramedics that he needs help.

Thankfully Tommy was there.

Officer Patrick Daugherty was on duty at the time. He told USA Today, “police received a 911 call from Rosheisen’s apartment, but there was no one on the phone.”

The call was disconnected and the dispatcher called the phone number.  When there was no answer the police were dispatched to Rosheisen’s home.

When Officer Daugherty arrived he found Tommy lying by a telephone on the living room floor, and Gary Rosheisen incapacitated in the bedroom beside the toppled wheelchair.

“I know it sounds kind of weird,” Officer Daugherty said, unable to provide any other plausible explanation as to how the call was made. There was no one else there.

For Rosheisen it was proof that his training had worked. Somehow Tommy had known it was time to press the 911 speed dial button and save his owner.

“He’s my hero,” Rosheisen said.

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