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Ragdoll Cat Breed – 20 Beautiful Ragdoll Images to Melt Your Heart

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Ragdoll cats are quite simply one of the cutest cat breeds around. It would take a cold-hearted person not to fall in love with those amazing blue eyes these fluffy balls of adorableness are born with.

Anyway, for a bit of information on the breed see below. First though – the gallery. Be warned, by the time you have finished flicking through these images you will be Google searching the nearest place to adopt or buy a ragdoll cat. They are quite simply beautiful little creatures.

The Ragdoll Gallery

About The Ragdoll Cat Breed

Ragdoll cats can grow to be quite large. As far as cats go they are very laid back and require little exercise. You could in fact have a ragdoll cat if you live in a flat with little outside space.

The most distinctive feature of the ragdoll cat is obviously the crazy bright blue eyes. It is also one of the reasons they are such a popular cat to own.

Ragdolls are pointed breeds. What this means is that the fur coloration for the main body of the cat is lighter than their pointed ends, (paws, head ears and tail).

The Ragdoll Cat Personality

Another wonderful trait of the ragdoll cat is that they are very affectionate, and love being around humans. Some even run to greet you at the door, and many will often follow their owners around the house as they walk around.

They are gentle cats, and usually play without extending their claws. They are also floor cats and do not jump around or seek high places to skulk or sleep.

Rest assured, if you have a ragdoll in the house they will make a wonderful family pet and will be there to play with on the sofa when you curl up to relax.

How big do they grow?

Adult male ragdoll cats can grow up to 15-20 pounds, with females being about 5 pounds lighter. They do take their time to reach maturity however, with the color not reaching its full extent until 2 years and full size adulthood not occurring until they are 4 years old.

Ragdoll Cat Coloration

Ragdoll cat breeds come in 4 distinct types.

  • Colorpoint
  • Bi-color
  • Van
  • Mitted

Each of these types can have a series of color patterns containing the following colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream.

Colorpoint Ragdoll Cats

Colorpoints have pointed markings with no white anywhere on the coat.

Mitteds Ragdoll Cats

Mitteds have very pretty markings, with white feet at the front and a white around the hock in the back. Mitteds also have a white chin and belly stripe. Their forehead and nose may also be colored white in the form of a blaze or star.

Bi-Color Ragdoll Cats

Bi-colors have more white coloration than the previous two types. All 4 paws and their underside are white. They also have distinctive white v shaped markings on the face. The points contain the darker colorations on Bi-colors, contrasting nicely against the predominant white.

Van Ragdoll Cats

Finally, the Van is the whitest of all the ragdoll breeds types with only a few spots on the points being a darker color. Van’s often have the bluest eyes of the ragdoll cats too.

Ragdoll cat fur

Ragdoll cats have a very sumptuous coat. It is a relatively long fur that requires little maintenance on the part of the cat owner.

Ragdolls, do shed of course, and do so with the change of the season. However the fact that their hair is fine, and for the most part white means that this does not cause the problems that it can around the house with other breeds.

In short, Ragdoll cats are a great breed of cat to have for the modern family. They fit in well, are very sociable and require reduced maintenance – add this to the fact they are very beautiful and you have a highly sought after type of cat.

A Little History of the Ragdoll Breed

The history of the Ragdoll breed is actually a very interesting story. As recently as the 1970’s, a cat breeder named Anne Baker set about creating the Ragdoll. Based in California, Ms Baker’s breeding experiments used only free-roaming cats, chosen based on the traits that she desired for the breed she was creating.

The first cat she used was called Josephine. She was a longhaired white female that Anne had found roaming loose around the neighborhood, (Josephine was domesticated and not feral it is important to note). Anne then bred Josephine with other cats that lived close by.

Anne discovered that the offspring of Josephine were very placid, and had the beginnings of the coloration that the Ragdoll breed has today. By continuing her breeding programme over the years, Anne became more selective in her criteria for the cats she would use.

Now of course, we have variations of the variations, with a number of branches of the Ragdoll breed. All with that wonderful temperament however, that Anne first discovered from the very first litter.

To find out more on the history of the Ragdoll breed, you should head to the Ragdoll Historical Society. The entire website is set up with detailed information on where and how this beautiful breed began

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