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Do female cats spray? We’ve all seen male cats do it, the annoying little trait where they feel the instinctive need to splash a bit of urine about the place.

Most of us will be aware of the reason why. Territory. A male cat wants to tell the world where it’s been, and what belongs to them. The more real estate it has, the sexier he looks. In short, they do it to get laid?

So what about the females? They do not need to mark territory to fend off potential competition. It’s not part of their game. However, female cats do indeed spray, and in a natural setting urine marking is also the females way of attracting a mate.

cat spraying

Female cats do indeed spray

Do Female Cats Spray – Causes

For cats in a natural setting, spraying is normal behavior. The problem begins when a domesticated female cat starts spraying in the home.

In an indoor setting the reason might just be instinctive, and if not treated can form into a habit.

Other causes of female cat spraying are often down to a change of environment, or frustration and stress to a situation. Normal issues apply here, such as a new cat or another pet in the home, the arrival of a baby, a new owner or other changes in living circumstances.

Preventing Female Cat Spraying

If your cat begins urine marking on a regular basis, the first issue is to recognize the cause of the problem. By identifying the root of the stress that might be leading to the spraying, you are in a position to try to alleviate them.

By taking the stress away, you will hopefully be removing the trigger behavior that is making your cat spray. This in turn makes the behavioral modification process a lot easier for you and your cat.

A process that we explain below, but is covered in detail by the guys behind Cat Spraying No More, (click image for further details)

cat spray no more

A highly recommended package that will help you solve the spraying problem fast

Female Cat Spraying – Behavioral Modification

You will find different ways of treating female cat spraying, the important thing is to be persistent and if you choose one, stick to it until you see results. (Only if you are clearly adding greater stress to your cat, should you rethink your methods.)

The following are some potential ways of modifying cat-spraying behavior:

  • Put your cat’s food bowl where they mark – they are less likely to spray the area in which they eat.
  • Use foil or sand paper around the area they mark, your cat will not like the noise or feel of the paper and will avoid the area. They will not be able to get close enough to smell the area too – therefore preventing the trigger pattern from occurring.
  • Use a smell repellent. There are many available, we recommend the bestselling SSSCAT Cat Training Aid.
  • Use a tray of marbles at the base of the marking spot
  • Any suitable obstruction so that your cat is unable to get near the usual marking place.
  • If it is practical, (and won’t ruin the inside of your home) using a water pistol is a popular choice. By spraying your cat as they are about to mark, you will reinforce punishment to the marking. However, it is important that the cat doesn’t know where the water is coming from. You want that they associate the punishment to the marking behavior, not to you as the Owner.
  • Utilise a Scat Training Mat to condition your cat to avoid prohibited areas – There are a few available, however we recommend the Petsafe version, that can be found here.
  • To alliviate the smell where your cat has already sprayed, you may want to use a designated pet urine remover. This one from Natures Miracle comes highly recommended for both dog and cat urine.

Is your cat stressed?

While using any of the above methods, ensure to watch your cat closely for any signs of deep anxiety. As we state, if you are increasing the stress levels in your cat, you could make the problem worse rather than better.

And while this methods are proven to be effective, in some instances the cat may just move to another marking spot, rather than cease the behavior altogether.

If that is the case, there are other medical based treatments available.

Do Female Cats Spray – Medical Treatments

If you find you have no success with any of the listed behavioral modifying methods, your vet may be able to assist with a prescription treatment. This will include the use of drugs. Two oft suggested treatment courses are:

1. Diazepam – a tranquilizing drug, this is probably the most effective treatment for female cat spraying.

2. Progestin – your vet may also suggest Progestin. However the hormone does have side effects and the success rate for female cats is low.

However, for many cat Owners the use of drugs is very much an unfavorable option.

Cat Spraying – Links & Recommended Products

Here are some links to resources we used for this article, along with some recommended products we have either used ourselves, or are bestsellers on . All of which will help you combat any issue you may have with cat spraying.

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