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A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be a lifesaver for the family that adopted her.

Her name is Pippa, and the black and white cat is able to sense when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip to dangerous levels.

The family state that the loving feline has saved their daughter’s life more than 20 times so far.

Family Cat Saves Young Girl's Life More Than 20 Times 2

Mia Jansa with her lifesaving cat Pippa

Pippa was adopted by the Jansa family via the RSPCA Canterbury, Dover and District Branch, UK in August 2013.

We got her as a rescue cat for a family pet,” said Mrs Jansa. “She really was very gregarious and we bonded with her immediately.”

It wasn’t long before Pippa’s special gift came to light. Somehow she is able to sense when eight-year-old Mia Jansa is in danger of suffering a hypoglycemic episode due to her diabetes.

On the first occasion, Pippa woke up Mia in the middle of the night prompting the schoolgirl to test her blood sugar levels, which showed they were dangerously low.

Another time, Pippa was unable to get into the schoolgirl’s room to check on her, so the persistent cat woke up Mia’s mother instead.

Mrs Jansa said:

We quickly realised she was warning us. If Mia didn’t wake up, then she would come to my door and miaow.  She comes onto the bed, walks onto my pillow and across me until I wake up. She really makes her presence felt, she won’t take no for an answer.”

Family Cat Saves Young Girl's Life More Than 20 Times

Hero cat Pippa was rescued from an animal shelter in 2013

Mia has type one diabetes. This means she has to test her blood sugar levels between four and six times a day and inject herself with insulin accordingly.

If her blood sugar levels drop too low she can experience a hypoglycemic episode which could lead to a coma.

Mia is susceptible to hypos at night. Because she is sleeping, she doesn’t realise her blood sugar levels are dropping.

Without Pippa to alert them, the risks to young Mia are high.

Alice Potter, pet scientist at the RSPCA, said:

Although dogs alerting their owners to medical problems such as epilepsy, cancer and dangerously low blood pressure is well known, the RSPCA is not aware of any evidence in cats.

Perhaps Pippa will be the cat to inspire new research in this area.”

Family Cat Saves Young Girl's Life More Than 20 Times 3

Mia and cat Pippa clearly have a special bond

Mia’s mum added:

We are working with the doctors to stop Mia’s night hypos, but in the meantime I sleep a bit easier knowing that Pippa is around. It is so nice to have that back-up, it’s really reassuring and certainly a bonus we were not expecting.”

If  you would like to help the RSPCA find homes for cats like Pippa, you can donate online here.

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