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The Artful Dodger – A Ginger Tom Catching the Bus by Himself

Some cats are far more resourceful than we ever give them credit for. Take the Artful Dodger for instance, a ginger tomcat aptly named after the famous Dickens’ character, from Bridport, UK. Not satisfied to merely roam close to home like a regular cat, Artful

A Tabby Cat Rescues his Owner from a Near Death Coma

Continuing our uplifting feline stories series, get a load of this one. It shows just how wonderful cats can be. Back in 2012, Amy Jung and her son rescued a tabby cat from a shelter. The cat’s name was Pudding, a 21-pound orange and white

Family Cat Saves Young Girl’s Life More Than 20 Times

A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be a lifesaver for the family that adopted her. Her name is Pippa, and the black and white cat is able to sense when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip

male cat names

Male Cat Names – The Ultimate A-Z List

Giving your male cat a name is more of a statement than you would possible imagine. What you name your cat tells the world more about you, than it ever does your feline companion. Maybe you are sports fan, and after enjoying the world cup

National Cat of the Year Awards – Smudge the Hero

Continuing our profile of the 2014 nominees for the UK National Cat of the Year Awards, here we have Smudge, a feisty feline who is up for an award in the ‘Heroic Cat’ category. Earlier this year, the brave moggy saved his young owner, Nathan

Dusty – The San Mateo Cat Burglar

Dusty, the brown and white moggy has a unique problem. Seemingly happy in all facets of his feline life, by day he is as content an animal you are ever likely to meet. By night however, he can’t help but go on the prowl for

George Balanchine And His Amazing Ballet Cat

Famed choreographer George Balanchine had a distinguished career. First working with Sergei Diaghilev and his Ballets Russes, he later settled in NYC to create the School of American Ballet. Balanchine worked closely with the legendary Igor Stravinsky. Together with Balanchine’s choreography and Igor’s score the art

Tommy – The Cat That Called 911 For His Owner

When it comes to fantastic feline feats, it is hard to beat the story of Tommy – an orange and tan tom cat who saved his owner back in 2006. Tommy lived in Columbus, Ohio with wheelchair-bound Gary Rosheisen. Gary had unfortunately suffered from a

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