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The Artful Dodger – A Ginger Tom Catching the Bus by Himself

Some cats are far more resourceful than we ever give them credit for. Take the Artful Dodger for instance, a ginger tomcat aptly named after the famous Dickens’ character, from Bridport, UK. Not satisfied to merely roam close to home like a regular cat, Artful

A Tabby Cat Rescues his Owner from a Near Death Coma

Continuing our uplifting feline stories series, get a load of this one. It shows just how wonderful cats can be. Back in 2012, Amy Jung and her son rescued a tabby cat from a shelter. The cat’s name was Pudding, a 21-pound orange and white

Family Cat Saves Young Girl’s Life More Than 20 Times

A rescue cat left dumped in a box outside a shop has proved to be a lifesaver for the family that adopted her. Her name is Pippa, and the black and white cat is able to sense when her young owner’s blood sugar levels dip

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

Can cats sense pregnancy? I have tried to a little scientific research on this question to determine just what the ‘experts’ think when it comes to cats and their ability to sense pregnancy. No stringent scientific test has been carried out to answer this question,

do cats cry

Can Cats Cry – Do Cats Cry?

Do cats cry? This is a question that provokes debate. Can cats cry in a way that sheds tears, and if they do, is it really for emotional reasons? Let’s first look at the physical act of crying; can cats actually cry tears? Do cats

National Cat of the Year Awards – Smudge the Hero

Continuing our profile of the 2014 nominees for the UK National Cat of the Year Awards, here we have Smudge, a feisty feline who is up for an award in the ‘Heroic Cat’ category. Earlier this year, the brave moggy saved his young owner, Nathan

Do female Cats Spray

Do female cats spray? We’ve all seen male cats do it, the annoying little trait where they feel the instinctive need to splash a bit of urine about the place. Most of us will be aware of the reason why. Territory. A male cat wants

Can Cats See in the Dark?

Can cats see in the dark? We all know that cats have better vision than us humans in the dark, however, they cannot see in total darkness. In semi-darkness their eyes have evolved to be very efficient with the available light, giving them far greater

Can Cats Kill Rats?

Can cats kill rats? The answer to this one actually varies, as it really depends on the size and character of the cat, and the size of the rat. Cat’s are generally quite intelligent. Unlike a small dog that has delusions of grandeur and will

can cats see ghosts featured

Can Cats See Ghosts?

Whether cats can see ghosts really does depend on your point of view. For a start you would need to believe in ghosts in the first place in order to consider the possibility of cats being able to spot the odd apparition. Although I do

Can Cats Swim?

Can cats swim? The simple answer to this one is yes they can, however for the most part they do not want to. We all know that cats generally dislike the water. Just trying to bathe a cat for whatever reason is the fastest lesson

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