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Can cats sense pregnancy? I have tried to a little scientific research on this question to determine just what the ‘experts’ think when it comes to cats and their ability to sense pregnancy.

No stringent scientific test has been carried out to answer this question, but I will relay what I have managed to find out.

Also, as this is one of those slightly unanswerable questions, it would be good to have the view of our dear readers. What is your opinion – can cats sense pregnancy? I for one think they can. I shall start with an experience of my own.

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy – Our Little Bobby

We used to have a cat called Bobby, we loved the little bugger and he actually passed away just one week before the arrival of our daughter.

He was always very close to my wife, however, just a few weeks into her pregnancy (we had literally only just done the pregnancy test), he became over the top protective. Would lay with his paws over her tummy and when ever my wife was on the sofa, Bobby would be right by her side.

It was extremely noticeable how protective our cat became, as soon as my wife became pregnant.

So much so, we even half believe that he passed away just before the arrival of our daughter to make way for her in the family. We only live in a small flat, and though we were never going to get rid of our beloved cat, we were slightly concerned on how it was going to work out for us all.

We like to think Bobby is up there now, staring down and looking out for us.

So based on my own experience I believe that cats can sense pregnancy.

Can Cats sense pregnancy – Alternative Views

A more pragmatic explanation of cats sensing when a woman might be pregnant is that they are actually sensing a change in our patterns and behavior.

Cats do detect differences in our moods, postures and body chemistry. A pregnant woman will clearly give off all sorts of new signs that change is taking place.

Our pets are also highly attuned to changes in our daily routines — my wife was certainly spending more time on the couch so it make sense that Bobby would be by her side more.

At the height of pregnancy a woman actually looks physically different and walks in a more awkward manner. Animals can certainly sense this too.

However, being attuned to these changes in more often attributed to dogs. Those that believe that cats are less social animals (being a lot more self absorbed might be one way of seeing it), think that cats do not have the ability to notice the changes, much less react to them.

Many cat owners out there may vouch for this – they may have seen no change in the cat’s behavior towards pregnancy whatsoever. (again, please leave your comments below).

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Cats And Pregnancy – Your Behavior

Whether your cats behavior changes or not as the result of a pregnancy in the household, it is important that you do not change the way you act towards them.

They are quick to sense neglect, and a neglected cat can quickly turn aggressive or act in protest by making and peeing about the place.

This is obviously a concern if it continues on after the birth of your child. (cat’s and new born babies will be the subject of a later post.)

To help prevent behavior problems with your cat, it is a good idea to stick to your pre-pregnancy routine as much as possible.

Some advice from pet trainers, suggest that you should develop a plan for your cat while you’re away in hospital.

Have some one around to take care of your pet while you and your partner are away. Make the person aware of your cat’s normal schedule so that their rhythm is disrupted as little as possible.

Many professional pet trainers also offer “baby readiness” classes or individual training sessions to help pets adjust to the new arrival in the home.

However, I am straying slightly from the point here. To conclude on that area, if you are pregnant, in all the excitement on the run up to the birth, try not to neglect your feline friend.

Bottom Line

I say that cats can sense pregnancy, and many do agree. However, there will be those out there that saw no sign that their cat was aware of a little one being on its way. Every cat is different after all…

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