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Whether cats can see ghosts really does depend on your point of view. For a start you would need to believe in ghosts in the first place in order to consider the possibility of cats being able to spot the odd apparition.

Although I do not actually believe in the afterlife myself, I will admit that there is compelling evidence that cats do see things beyond the senses of us humans. Whether these are ghosts or not is, like I say, down to your point of view.

Our cat Booby, (god bless his little soul as he passed away earlier this year) on more than one occasion seemed to sense another presence.

With Bobby, we used to live in a Victorian house in London. Circa 1863 the 4 story house, (we rented the top and what used to be the attic) certainly had some creeks and we would often hear strange bumps in the night.

However, beyond wind and the occasional mouse in the floorboards, our cat would freak out for reasons that were beyond any sensible rationale, and evidently in response to something that our senses could not pick up on.

One evening we watched him, eyes wide, hair-raised as he directed his stare up the wall and across the ceiling. He then followed whatever it was through the corridor and into the kitchen, all the time his eyes fixed as if on a slow moving object (ghost), sliding along the wall.

We tip-toed behind Bobby, and then he just sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, a horrible screeching meow coming out of his mouth. At that point our cork pin-board fell off the wall and scared the living shit out of us all.

Booby scarpered back into the living room, again eyeing the walls for the ghost. It was the most chilling experience I think I’ve ever had. Just watching our cat acting so out of character, and the sound he made. I will never forget it.

It certainly felt as if he was seeing whatever might have been there, very clearly indeed.

Can cats see ghosts? I guess we will never fully know, however most cat owners will certainly feel as if cats can see ghosts, there behavior does hint to it from time to time.

Can Cats See Ghosts – Other Views

The notion that cats can see ghosts has come up in everything from Ancient Egyptian beliefs, native American mythology, more than one Stephen King novel, and of course the movies.

One would imagine that ever since the cat became domesticated, us humans have had reason believe that they have that ‘6th sense’.

The Native Americans worshiped the Lynx as they believed it was able to walk through the spirit world. Is this a trait that our house cats have somehow maintained?

The Egyptians loved cats for their intuition, could this be extended to psychic ability? It does prove that the question is old as civilization itself however.

Have you felt that your cat can see ghosts, or other types of strange supernatural phenomenon? If so, tell us about it below.

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