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Can cats eat watermelon? This deliciously succulent fruit is a big favorite with us humans; can our cats enjoy watermelon too?

You’ll be happy to hear that cats can eat watermelon. However, the seeds need to be removed first, as the compounds contained within them can be very harmful.

Can Cats Eat Watermelon – Any Benefits

Watermelon is packed with, (well the name gives it away) – water. This makes the fruit ideal for re-hydration in both humans and cats. It is also rather tasty, however the sweet flavor may be lost in cats as there is a belief that cats cannot taste sweet things, (we explore that little argument here).

From a nutritional perspective, watermelon contains good levels of Vitamins A & C. However, the high sugar levels can make the fruit one to avoid if your cat suffers from diabetes.

Watermelon also contains essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium, all of which help form part of a cat’s healthy balanced diet.

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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon – Any Precautions?

So what about those damn pips?

Well the fact is watermelon can be dangerous if you do not remove all the seeds first. Many fruit cores, (apple cores, pear cores, almost anywhere you find seeds within the fruit) are harmful to animals. The affect of dogs is well documented, however the similar dangers exist for cats.

Watermelon seeds, much like other types of seeds contain cyanide, (otherwise known as cyanogenic glycosides, a harmful natural by product that cats can not process.)

If the seed is crushed during consumption, traces of cyanide will be ingested by your cat, leading to cyanide based poisoning.

This in turn can lead to an unpleasant situation of feline diarrhea and vomiting, (natural reflexes to eject the poison) and may lead to a trip to the vets to induce he same. In really serious cases, a blood transfusion may be required.

However, it will take a serious amount of crushed seeds for your cat to experience this kind of result. All the same, removing the seeds before feeding your cat watermelon is highly advised.

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Can Cats Eat Watermelon – Bottom Line

As long as the seeds, (and for safety’s sake the rind) is removed from the watermelon first, your cat will have no problems biting into this succulent and somewhat healthy snack. Like all human foods however, limit the amount you feed your cat. With the high natural sugar levels, too much watermelon can have adverse health effects over time.

Overall though – a wonderful summer treat.

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