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Can cats eat pork? If you look on the super market shelves there is little I the way of pork flavored cat food. So why do the top cat food brands seem to stay away from the meat?

Well the fact is, we don’t know. Cats can eat pork and in the right amounts the protein and fat count can actually be quite good for them.

Let’s take a look.

Can cats eat pork – The Benefits

As long as you feed pork in moderation, pigs can eat it with no problems at all.

In fact, due to cats being innately carnivores, most untreated meat is good for them.

When I say untreated I mean minus the added salts and preservatives that you will find in processed meats such as low quality ham. Salty fried bacon for example is something your cat should avoid.

Likewise, even that fresh pork chop sitting on your dinner plate would be bad pickings for a cat if it is covered in apple sauce or other flavorings.

Anyway, I digress – this section is about the benefits of feeding a cat pork. Due to the high protein count in pork and the fact cats need a high ratio of protein in their diet, makes this a tasty accompaniment to their normal diet.

Due to the carnivorous past, cat’s also have quite a high food fat tolerance; as much as 60% of the calories in a cat’s diet can come from fat.

However, if your cat is overly sedentary, as many felines are (they no longer have to hunt to survive after all) – too much fatty foods can cause obesity.

Can Cats Eat Pork – Precautions

Beyond the issue of moderation, the main precaution to feeding pork to cats is that you should cook it first. Uncooked pork may contain parasites that affect cats just the same way as they do humans.

Secondly there is the issue of removing any bones first. Cooked pork bones can splinter into very sharp shards and these can cause all sorts of damage to your cats throat, stomach and intestines.

If a too large pork bone piece is swallowed it may cause an obstruction in your cats throat making it difficult, or God forbid, impossible for them to breathe.

Finally, is the issue of processed pork meats, Avoid bacon and certain types of cheap ham as these are high in sodium, they also contain sulfides. The high salt levels of this type of meat can cause heart and blood pressure problems if you feed them to your cat too often.

can cats eat pork insert

Feeding Your Cat Raw Pork

For some people, the raw food diet that has proved popular with dogs is seen as an option for cats.

The issue of a raw food diet for cats is beyond the scope of this article, however, as we are on the subject of pork – can this be fed raw to cats in any form?

The answer for those that wish to risk it, is yes. Although we state cats should eat cooked pork to avoid any nasty contaminants, and we do stand by that; there are ways to minimize the risk of infection if you choose to feed them raw pork.

First step is to buy commercial pork and then grind it up fully. Then freeze flatten in freezer bags for at least 20 days at a temperature of 5°F (-15°C ). Thaw slowly within the refrigerator and then feed within 2 days.

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