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Can cats eat peanut butter? This question does come up quite a bit, and I am pleased to say that cats can eat peanut butter. It is not toxic to cats, however they should only eat peanut butter in small amounts, (the reason why I will explain below).

The fact is, I love peanut butter on toast and I often give my cat a little lick of the finger. Bobby loves the taste and I have to say it is most amusing watching him eat it, even a little bit gets stuck to his tongue making it flick wildly.

Can Cats Eat Peanut Butter – Any Benefits?

There are not any real health benefits to feeding your cat peanut butter, in fact it is high in salt and fats one reason why they should not eat too much of it.

Some believe that the oil in peanut butter is good for a cats fur, but there is no truth in this. The nutritional value of peanut butter for cats is basically zero.

Can Cats eat Peanut Butter – Precautions

As I have already mentioned, cats should only eat peanut butter in moderate amounts. Firstly the fat levels are high, secondly too much peanut butter in one sitting can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Secondly, a large clump of peanut butter could cause an obstruction in the throat of your cat. It is a very tacky food, and a big spoonful could stick to the walls of the mouth and throat, causing your pet to choke. You would not want that under any circumstances.

Another valid warning is the fact some people use peanut butter to mask the smell of poison on mousetraps. If your cat comes accustomed to eating peanut butter and enjoys the taste, they may come across such traps, (if they are an outside cat) and start eating the poisoned peanut butter. Again the outcome is clearly something you wouldn’t want to comprehend.

What to do if you cat suffers from diarrhea after eating peanut butter

1. Firstly, do not be tempted to give your cat medication such as Pepto Bismol, this is toxic to cats.

2. There are dedicated products that you can buy to help your cat fight through a bout of diarrhea. Probiotics for Cats is a good option and is something I have used for Bobby with great success in the past. (Click here for reviews and prices at

3. It sounds harsh, but another option is to leave your cat without food for 8-12 hours.

4. Some vets then encourage that you change their diet to bind up the stool again. One recommendation is to serve up a bowl of the following: 50% rice, and then 50% boiled boneless chicken or ground beef.

5. If the diarrhea persists for more than 24hrs you should take your cat to the vets.

Cats and Peanut Butter – Bottom Line

So peanut butter is not toxic and some cats really do love the taste. You can feed them a little bit, but large portions may cause them to choke, or if too much is consumed a bit of a tummy ache may be the result.

Try to avoid your cat coming to fond of peanut butter if they are prone to roaming the neighborhood – you never know what might be out there to bait them.

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