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Can Cats Eat Ham? The answer to this question may end up being rather convoluted as it does actually depend on the type and quality of the ham. Feed your cat too much budget ham, (or Spam as they call it in England) and you will be serving up low quality, high in salt unknown processed pig meat. In other words it is far from healthy.

A small amount of choice cut ham on the other hand, and you have a lucky cat that will certainly enjoy his treat without any adverse affect.

Note the word ‘small’ at the beginning of the previous sentence. As always, moderation is key when it comes to feeding your cat ham.

Can Cats Eat Ham – Any Benefits?

I am afraid not. Even the good stuff from the reputable local butchers will give your cat nothing more than a little boost of protein.

What you are actually getting with the quality ham is less of the harmful additives and preservatives that the cheaper grade meats contain. In other words, it is less unhealthy.

The only other benefit your cat will have, is the great taste of it.

Can cats eat a ham sandwich

A tasty looking ham sandwich – safe for cats though?

Can Cats Eat Ham – Any Precautions

Our warning against allowing your cat to eat ham is to avoid the lower quality meat. Ham is very high in sodium. Cheap tinned ham is crammed full of preservatives, and the really low grade stuff is more chemical E numbers than it is actually meat.

The impact of feeding your cat ham such as this would not be seen straight away either. High sodium count can lead to lead to hypernatremia, a condition that can cause long lasting health issues such as bad heart regulation and high blood pressure.

If ham and other unhealthy human foods are being fed to your cat, you are slowly taking them down the path of ill health. For that reason, you need to watch the amount of these types of food you give them.

Can Cats Eat Ham – Bottom Line

So to round up the question, yes cats can eat ham. Give them a small amount and they will enjoy the taste, with out the imminent arrival of diarrhea.

Give your cat too much however, and they may well fall ill with tummy upset.

Too much over a longer period of time, and they will suffer from the drip-drip affect of bad diet health issues.

And none of us wants to do that to our beloved feline companions.

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