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It is important to understand the dangers when feeding your cat chicken bones or raw chicken. The fact is, if you handle either the wrong way you could end up harming your cat.

Raw chicken can have bacterial contaminants that may cause ill health, and chicken bones could splinter inside your cat’s body. However, both do have their benefits.

First lets look at the issue of chicken bones.

Can Cats Eat Chicken Bones


Chicken bones become very brittle after the have been cooked. Even if you prepare the chicken into smaller pieces by using a meat cleaver, the fact is the bone can easily splinter.

If you feed your cat some cooked chicken from your dinner plate, you are endangering their life.

Put simply, the sharpe edges of the bone could give your cat internal injuries. These pieces of splintered bone could perforate your cats throat while he swallows, or cause horrible damage to the stomach and intestines during digestion.

This video will show you why cats should not eat cooked chicken bones

chicken bones for cats

Only raw Chicken Bones should be fed to cats

Benefits of Raw Chicken Bones for Cats

Raw chicken bones are good for cats. Felines are obligate carnivores. Through out their evolution they have survived by hunting and eating prey. Much of your cat’s behavior remains rooted in these historical instincts. It also stands to reason that their stomachs can handle raw bones.

Raw chicken bones do not have the dangers of cooked bones, as they will not splinter in the same way.

A cat will certainly enjoy gnawing on a raw chicken bone – it is as nature intended. Furthermore, raw bones are good for their teeth and bone marrow contains a lot of healthy benefits.

The list of goodness in chicken bones includes calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals. Bone marrow is made up of tightly packed red blood cells, and in that there is a lot of iron, all of which is great for your cat.

raw chicken can cats eat it

Raw Chicken does have health benefits – proceed with caution however

The Benefits of Chicken Meat for Cats

As a cat owner you will have seen the many cat food products available that contain chicken. This isn’t merely because chicken is a cheap and widely available ingredient for brands to base a cat food on, it happens to provide worthwhile protein for your feline.

As a carnivorous species, succulent meat has been and always will be a vital part of a cat’s diet.

While it is perfectly okay for you to shave off a piece of chicken from your own plate, the best way to serve up poultry for your pet is via one of the many products available.

If you are to choose this route, I would highly recommend Muse Chicken and Gravy. I am a sucker for user reviews and I also like to buy online, the discounts you can get are unbelievable.

I have been buying this for our Bobby for over 6 months now. He loves the stuff. Check out the chicken flavored goodness here.

Can cats eat raw chicken?

The issue of feeding raw food to your pet is a controversial one. While it is true there are health benefits to eating raw food, Owner’s should tread carefully as the risk of contamination in raw food is higher.

For instance, the nutritional value of raw chicken is higher than that of cooked, because the process of cooking or boiling actually removes some of these nutrients.

Furthermore, natural enzymes that contained in the meat of raw chicken are totally lost once cooked.

For added nutritional punch – raw chicken will certainly benefit your cat.

Raw Chicken – The Precautions

However, as we have said, the risk of harmful bacteria existing in raw food is higher. You should certainly keep it frozen prior to it being fed to your cat, and if left out for any period of time it could become harmful. (Read scary article on raw chicken bacteria here).

Before deciding to feed your cat raw chicken, it is best to read up on the dangers and benefits of raw food diets. Know what you are getting into and exercise caution.

Bottom Line

Cooked chicken bones are a big fat no for cats. Raw chicken bones are fine. Cooked chicken meat is also great for cats and any harmful bacteria will have been removed during the cooking process.

However, some of the nutrition will also have been removed, making raw chicken a worthwhile kitty option for those Owners that know what they are doing.

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