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The answer to this one is essentially quite simple, cats can eat celery and if you have a cat that actually likes the taste of this vegetable, there’s even a little benefit. (See the videos at the end of this article for cats that actually love celery as if it were catnip).

As always, moderation is key. If you are careful not over feed your cat with celery, this stringy green vegetable is a healthy dietary cat food addition.

a cat with some celery leaves

Celery is perfectly safe for cats to eat

Cats and Celery – The Benefits

Celery is rich in vitamins and also contains fiber, all of which are worthwhile supplements to your cats diet.

Celery also has diuretic properties. In essence the consumption of celery can help flush out the system and aid liver function.

A small amount of celery will also help stimulate appetite. And if your cat is suffering from a little digestive upset some celery can help ease the pain by settling the stomach.

Be careful not to feed them too much however as this could exacerbate the tummy problems.

Can Cats Eat Celery – The Precautions

The only real precaution is that you should feed your cat celery in moderation. Too much of any food can lead to diarrhea if your cat’s stomach isn’t used to it.

Easing Your Cats Diarrhoea

If your cat ends up with an upset stomach or diarrhoea one of the best ways of stopping the symptoms is to have some cat probiotics on hand.

TummyWorks, Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes Supplements come highly recommended. The list of ailments it can help alleviate is very impressive indeed.

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Cats and Vegetables

You should also remember that cats are obligate carnivores. This means that they do not have a need for vegetables and fruits as we do. In many cases cats are able to get those missing nutrients from the prey they eat, and in the case of fully domesticated cats – the balanced commercial cat food that you buy.

Some cats will enjoy eating vegetables such as celery, however it is by no means necessary for them to eat it.

celery and cat in the garden

A cat skulking in the celery patch

Bottom Line

As we have covered above, adding celery to your cats diet is perfectly safe. Just be careful not unbalance your cats overall diet by feeding them too much, or substituting their normal food.

A good rule of them is to ensure that any additions (such as celery) are kept to a maximum of 5% of their overall dietary intake.

And as you have been forewarned, never too much in any one sitting.

To prove that some cats really do like celery – a couple of funny videos:

There’s no stopping this one – He clearly loves it..

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