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Can cats eat bananas? It is one of those foods that can be tempting to offer your cat. You’re sat there on the sofa, munching away on a banana and it is all to easy to break off a little and give it to your cat.

However, is it okay to do so? Let’s take a look.

Can Cats Eat Bananas – Any Benefits

The good news is, it is okay to feed your cat banana. This fruit is not on the toxic foods list for cats. The ASPCA is rather scant on details, however if you head to their website, they simply state that bananas are not toxic to cats, (or dogs and horses should you be interested.)

However, are there any benefits for your cat by having a bit of banana? Unfortunately not. The goodness that us humans get from eating bananas does not translate that well for cats. The high natural sugar element to bananas actually mean that you should probably be careful on the amount of banana you feed a cat.

Lots of this particular fruit over a long period of time and you could end up making your cat fat, or even precipitate the onset of diabetes.

Can Cats Eat bananas – Any Precautions

Apart from the aforementioned warning on bananas being rather sugary and therefore potentially harmful if fed over extended periods, some owners have reported tummy upset from too much banana in on sitting.

A cat’s digestive system is not necessarily used to consuming the sugar and fiber contained in a banana. Where as we can eat one for fast release of useful energy, the same does not occur in a cat. Difficult to breakdown, a whole banana is likely to cause your cat to be constipated.

A whole banana in one go is not advised due to the potential affect it might have.

Cat Banana Fun

I have done some research to see if there any cat food products available, and unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any.

However, that doesn’t stop your cat from having some banana themed fun. One of the coolest cat houses I have seen in a long time is this Banana Leaf Cat Cabana from the Petpals Group.

Cat House banana leafIt measures 16″ x 16″ x 16, and even comes with the pillow. I actually want one for myself.

Can Cats Eat Bananas – Bottom Line

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. The bottom line is, bananas are fine. They are not on the cat food toxic list so are perfectly safe for your feline friend to eat. However, take heed on moderation and do not make it a regular part of their diet. You should probably peel it first too.

Feeding your cat banana peel would just be mean.

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