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Can cats almond milk, or soy milk for that matter? The fact is, many of us now use milk products that are not dairy based. Lower in lactose and fats, milks such as almond and soy are health alternatives for those of us that are lactose intolerant.

However, if your fridge has a carton of almond milk can you give some to your cat to drink?

The answer is yes you can. However you should limit the amount you feed them as the benefits a few and potential tummy ache can occur.

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Can Cats Drink Almond Milk – Benefits

As we have explored in our can cats drink milk article, some cats can be lactose intolerant. In fact, only kittens are able to safely lap up the milk. As cats develop they become less able to produce the lactase enzymes required to break down the lactose in the gut.

The short version being, cats should not drink milk. The stomachs do not react that well and diarrhoea is often the result if too much milk is consumed.

The benefit of almond and soy milk therefore, is that the innate lactose intolerance of cats is no longer an issue.

Furthermore, soy milk contains a high level of protein due to the soy beans. While a cat requires a large part of their diet to be protein based, (stemming from the fact that as a species cats are very much carnivores), soy milk on its own would struggle to be anywhere close to providing the protein count required.

That being said, modern cat food brands go a long way to cover this, with most cat foods boasting ridiculous amounts of protein per pound of product.

So as a little filler treat, it is okay to give your cat a little almond milk to drink. However, as is always the way, there are other precautions you must bare in mind when feeding your cat almond milk.


Kitten Milk Replacer

If you are in a situation where you have a kitten yet the mother is not around to provide milk, we would not recommend almond milk as a substitute. If cat milk is not available you are best placed to opt for one of the commercial products available.

One we highly recommend is Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR) Powder for Kittens and Cats.

Can cats drink almond milk – Precautions

When ground and processed to form milk, almonds are not toxic to cats. This does not mean that you can give your cat large bowlfuls of the stuff mind you.

While they are not dairy based, almond milk still contains bacteria that is difficult for your cat to break down within the gut. Both soy and almond milk have been known to give cats upset stomach when too much is drunk in any one sitting.

This essentially means you should not allow your cat to drink very much almond milk or soy milk at all.

There is also the age-old argument that cats cannot taste sweet products. While this is debatable and will be explored in a future post, if it were true the benefit of feeding almond milk as a treat would be lost on a cat. They would not enjoy the flavor anyway.

(Have you tried to give your cat almond or soy milk? Did they like it? If so feel free to write a comment below).

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk – Bottom Line

In a nutshell, cats should not drink almond milk. Although it will not cause the lactose based stomach upset, it is still very possible for a cat to feel icky after too much almond or soy milk, which in turn negates any benefit that can be had via the protein the milk contains.

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