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A Tabby Cat Rescues his Owner from a Near Death Coma

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Continuing our uplifting feline stories series, get a load of this one. It shows just how wonderful cats can be.

Back in 2012, Amy Jung and her son rescued a tabby cat from a shelter. The cat’s name was Pudding, a 21-pound orange and white tabby who had been at the shelter on and off since 2003.

Upon bringing the cat home, he immediately seemed comfortable. He was affectionate and the two realised that he was a perfect addition to the household.

Pudding even slept on Amy’s bed that first night in the house, and it was a good thing he did.

Amy Jung with Pudding

Amy Jung with Pudding

Amy Jung slipped into a diabetic seizure in her sleep and realising something was wrong, Pudding nudged and bit her awake until she was able to call out to her son.

When the son didn’t hear her calls, Pudding went into his room and pounced on him until he awoke.

Understanding the cat was distressed, the boy followed him into his mum’s room to find her unresponsive and immediately called for medical assistance.

This amazing story received only moderate attention at the time. However it did raise questions in the field of animal psychology, forcing people to rethink their attitude towards the relationship between cats and humans.

According to animal psychologist Roger Mugford, cats are as capable as dogs at detecting illnesses in humans, but are less likely to do so because they are generally “very much more selfish, solitary creatures.”

Both Jung and her doctors agree that Pudding’s actions saved her life — Amy believed it was his way of thanking her for rescuing him from the shelter.

After demonstrating such amazing skills of sensory perception, Pudding was registered as a therapy cat. He is now trained to sit at Jung’s feet and meow if her blood sugar drops.

Pudding the cat small

Pudding posing for the press in 2012

And whatever animal psychologists may say about a cats’ general unwillingness to help their owners, there are other documented cases of life-saving felines.

In 2007, a nursing home cat named Oscar could apparently tell when residents were near death. The night before they passed away, he would shower them with affection. Not leaving their side, Oscar would sleep by their bed until they died.

Oscar the nursing home cat

Oscar the nursing home cat – could famously sense the imminent passing away of those at the home

In 2011, it was reported that a cat in Atlanta could predict its owner’s seizures.

And in Pennsylvania a cat saved its owner’s life by pawing at her when she was ill until she was compelled to call the doctor. Afterwards, she learned that she had suffered a mild heart attack.

So next time you think your cat is merely out for himself, and you wish he would stick around for a cuddle or two – remember, if an emergency calls he might just be the one who comes to the rescue.

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