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can cats drink almond-milk

Can Cats Drink Almond Milk

Can cats almond milk, or soy milk for that matter? The fact is, many of us now use milk products that are not dairy based. Lower in lactose and fats, milks such as almond and soy are health alternatives for those of us that are

Can Cats Eat Apples?

Can cats eat apples? The answer is yes, in fact a little apple can be really beneficial for your cat. There are two issues you should bare in mind however. Never feed your cat the apple core, the seeds contain harmful cyanide which is just

Can Cats Sense Pregnancy?

Can cats sense pregnancy? I have tried to a little scientific research on this question to determine just what the ‘experts’ think when it comes to cats and their ability to sense pregnancy. No stringent scientific test has been carried out to answer this question,

can cats eat tuna

Can Cats Eat Tuna?

Can cats eat tuna? On the face of it you would think yes, cats enjoy fish therefore feeding your cat tuna would be good for them. However, as is always the case when feeding your cat foods from your own dish, you have to be

do cats cry

Can Cats Cry – Do Cats Cry?

Do cats cry? This is a question that provokes debate. Can cats cry in a way that sheds tears, and if they do, is it really for emotional reasons? Let’s first look at the physical act of crying; can cats actually cry tears? Do cats

carrots can cats featured

Can Cats Eat Carrots?

Can cats eat carrots? The old wives tale is that carrots help you vision. Well it’s not as if cats need help with that, (cats can see in the dark after all), however there is a sight amount of truth in the concept that carrots

male cat names

Male Cat Names – The Ultimate A-Z List

Giving your male cat a name is more of a statement than you would possible imagine. What you name your cat tells the world more about you, than it ever does your feline companion. Maybe you are sports fan, and after enjoying the world cup

can cats eat turkey

Can Cats Eat Turkey?

Can cats eat turkey? This is a question that often comes up as we approach thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner is the largest meal of the year, and loads of delicious foods make up the feast. The main event is obviously the delicious succulent turkey. But can

can cats eat--strawberries

Can Cats Eat Strawberries?

Can cats eat strawberries? This question doesn’t come up too often, as strawberries are quite a sweet fruit, meaning most cats are not particularly interested. However, you may have strawberries in the garden that your cat may try to eat, you might also offer your

Can Cats Eat Pork?

Can cats eat pork? If you look on the super market shelves there is little I the way of pork flavored cat food. So why do the top cat food brands seem to stay away from the meat? Well the fact is, we don’t know.

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